There’s probably little surprise in saying that I’m drawn to asymmetry and unconventional tactics. Trying to look beyond the usual discourse around the game, I hold the flag high for football being more like chess and less like pickyourlineup.com. Eastern European roots and British cynicism occasionally take their toll in my assertions of that interpretation, so if it’s tough on the eye and makes us both question what we know about the beautiful game… I’ve succeeded in my efforts 🙂

This blog aims to promote discussion and thought around different perspectives and concepts in Football, whether that’s through the medium of Football Manager or real-life events. The sporting side of football management is a vast area of relativity, only touching our ambitions of structure by the various styles that we can distinctively perceive between teams, managers, players. Truth is, there are always issues and grey areas that are seldom talked about, however playing a key role in many facets of the game.

My biggest hope for this site is that it becomes a medium of connection between my experiences and the audience’s, as well as a valuable resource of information for anyone looking to learn about the beautiful game…

Feel free to contact me by leaving a comment or you can find me on twitter @LPQR_FM 🙂

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