Gheorghe Hagi and FC Viitorul: Defining Romania’s past and building its future

There’s seldom so little doubt in choosing a nation’s greatest ever player than it happens to be in the case of Gheorghe Hagi. A modern-day definition of a football cult figure, Hagi has been the iconic name that embodied Romania’s rise to the world scene as a football nation worthy of international recognition. To this day, the name bears a relative familiarity in Western football culture, which is however fading away with the inevitable distance brought by time growing between the moments that defined his ascension to the global spotlight and a present that is almost synonymous with Romania’s football. At this point, both are sharing the umbrella of one word…. forgotten. Yet, is that truly the case?

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Grassroots Tactics: Simplicity

Yet another guest post by Ö-zil to the Arsenal!, an SI forum member that has produced some excellent material on tactics and club strategy over the last year or so. His articles are top quality and I highly recommend taking a look at his previous stuff – Threads. Make sure you support him on  GoFundMe page – Football Manager Tactical Analysis for more excellent tactical analysis. Continue reading “Grassroots Tactics: Simplicity”