Girona FC – S3,0: New signings and Season 3 preview

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Improving Girona

Naturally, we want to go into each new season wanting to improve on the team and strive to beat the previous season’s achievements. Whether we can do that is dependant on either selling existing players, or how generous our board is in giving us a nice budget to spend.

As I don’t have many players who other teams are desperate to pry from our grasps, I was hoping for a good transfer kitty… but was disappointed.

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Girona FC – S2,4: Did the Data Hub save our season?

FM22 Analytics, tactics and soccernomics

In the last update we’d used the Data Hub to figure out why we were still failing to create ample goalscoring opportunities. Using our findings we make tweaks to (hopefully) allow us to:

  • Win the ball more often, as well as slightly higher up the pitch,
  • Hold on to possession more to let us progress the ball better through the phases
  • Create better chances and score more goals.

To achieve our season goal of beating Pablo Machin’s 10th placed La Liga finish we’d need these changes to work as we entered a “month of doom” as we faced Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia and Atletico Madrid, before finishing off with an easier game against Elche.

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Girona FC – S1,3: The Cup, promotion push & the narrative.

FM22 Analytics, tactics and soccernomics

We left off in mid-January – the midway point in the season – where we sat at the top of La Liga 2, 6 points clear of second placed Huesca… who along with Real Sporting, were the only teams to beat us so far.

We’d also managed to bolster our already stingy defence with the signing of free agent, Joris Gnagnon.

Would we continue our fine form? or capitulate under the pressure?

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Girona FC – S1,1: The season so far, and a pressing matter.

FM22 Analytics, tactics & soccernomics

August to November: the season so far.

As you can see, we’ve had a very impressive start to the season, picking up 10 wins, 2 draws and being yet to taste defeat. On the way we’ve scored 27 goals and allowed only 7, with only Tenerife conceding less.

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Girona FC – S1,0: My approach to pre-season.

FM22 Analytics, tactics & soccernomics

Before discussing pre-season I wanted to give a quick overview of the season ahead with a look at the top teams in La Liga 2.

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