Girona FC – S3,0: New signings and Season 3 preview

FM22 Analytics, tactics and soccernomics

Improving Girona

Naturally, we want to go into each new season wanting to improve on the team and strive to beat the previous season’s achievements. Whether we can do that is dependant on either selling existing players, or how generous our board is in giving us a nice budget to spend.

As I don’t have many players who other teams are desperate to pry from our grasps, I was hoping for a good transfer kitty… but was disappointed.

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GIRONA FC – FM22 Analysis, tactics & soccernomics: part one

Join@fm_throwing for a wild, data-driven ride as he begins his journey with Girona in FM22

Setting the scene:

Since their formation in 1930, Catalonia-based Girona FC have only spent TWO seasons (2017 & 2018) in La Liga. 

Currently playing in La Liga 2, out of the 11,200 capacity Montilivi stadium, the Gironistes are part owned by the City Football Group (which includes Manchester City) with another 44.3% of the club owned by Pep Guardiola’s brother, Pere.

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