Season 3: Que sera sera…

very, very painful season… we only managed a few wins along the way

Season 18-19


very, very painful season… we only managed a few wins along the way, and our squad morale has been in constant mess as nearly every other player has been asking to leave the club… an encouraging performance in the Romanian League cup, which saw us reach the semi-final only to be beaten by rivals Dinamo is the only highlight of the season in terms of performances Continue reading “Season 3: Que sera sera…”

Season 2#2: Laying foundations

March 2018 – Playoffs

a string of mixed results after the break concluded by a disappointing defeat at the hands of Botoșani hand us a 13th placed finish at the end of the regular division fixtures Continue reading “Season 2#2: Laying foundations”

Season 2#1: Let the survival wars begin – This is Sparta!

2017-2018 pre-season

Media prediction – 14th

After the heroics of last season’s promotion-winning campaign we are set to embark on the journey of our lives in the Liga I. Apart from a few changes in the backroom staff, we’re pretty much the same team as we were last season, and that reflects in the odds we’re given for this season. I’m not too sure of what to expect, but I hope we can graze a few points here and there to fight off relegation Continue reading “Season 2#1: Let the survival wars begin – This is Sparta!”

Season 1#3: Don’t. Stop. Me. Now!

after a long break in the winter we come back to prove that my predictions about us being in much better condition in the second half of the season were right :) The only big downside is that demoralizing loss in the cup quarter final against Astra, however we did an amazing job in holding them off til the penalties. After all, these are the recent Romanian champions we’re talking about! Continue reading “Season 1#3: Don’t. Stop. Me. Now!”

Season 1#2: Getting the youth conveyor belt started

Here we are. It’s preseason time and we’re set to play our first ever competitive match since the club was founded, just under a few months ago . Straight away, some really good news for the club as two inspiring figures of world-football join Sparta’s backroom team.

Continue reading “Season 1#2: Getting the youth conveyor belt started”

Shield Wall – A Spartan Youth Challenge – new beginnings in Bucharest

It’s been a long ambition of mine to do something special in the far East of European football. Perhaps it’s a matter of roots, after all, as being from Moldova I can identify with both the Slavic and the Latin cultures of Eastern Europe, and let’s be fair, football hasn’t been particularly great over there in the last decade or so. We used to have clubs like Steaua Bucharest, Levski Sofia, Wisla Krakow and Dinamo Kiev push for glory at least in the Uefa Cup, however in recent times, corruption and poor financial management have brought eastern european football to new lows. I had a few ideas in mind for a story with some proper romantic substance, but after learning I’ll have to wait another 2-3 months for the playable leagues I need to make it work, I’ve decided to take matters in my own hands until then Continue reading “Shield Wall – A Spartan Youth Challenge – new beginnings in Bucharest”